SMORGASBORD was started by Chris Daily in December 1986 as a small one sheet, two sided, photocopied newsletter-later becoming a full sized fanzine for 2 issues (and another newsletter between them). SMORGASBORD RECORDS was formed in 1988 with release #1, the X Marks the Spot compilation 7” featuring Chris’ friends in UP FRONT, WIDE AWAKE and PRESSURE RELEASE. About this time, what would eventually become one of the most copied shirt designs, the SMORGASBORD STRAIGHT EDGE shirt was created. Chris continued to release a total of 9 records until 1996 when Jeff Terranova (UP FRONT bassist) took over, who still runs the label to this day. 2021 marks the 35th anniversary. With that, Chris and Jeff teamed up to re-release a limited run of the classic SMORGASBORD SXE shirt along with 150 enamel pins of the “X MARKS THE SPOT” Moshing Guy that was hand drawn for the X MARKS THE SPOT Compilation 7".